Use your video effectively to drive revenue, engagement, brand loyalty and community.

With the likes of Netflix, STAN and TedX creating quality online experiences for their consumers, these applications are driving corporate initiatives to increase brand awareness, engagement, familiarity, personalization, deliver high quality video experiences, build brand loyalty and communities.

We are ready to take your brand there with webcastcloud’s Video Channel.

Drive the value of your membership through video

  • Create engagement between members or customers

  • Build a reputation for quality digital & innovation

  • Share & bring knowledge to market quicker

  • Foster strong corporate identity

  • Increase contact & engagement

  • Create brand credibility as a quality education provider

  • Grow revenue through pay-per-view and subscriptions

  • Become the ‘go to’ portal for knowledge and education

  • Build loyalty and retention





Retention & Loyalty


Advocacy & Community


Flexible options to sell your videos online

  • Package and sell your conferences, events, webinars or training’s online

  • Free, Paid, Secure or Private Videos

  • Subscriptions Models – Organisations and individuals

  • Group, Member or Delegate Discounts

  • Free Access for specific member or delegate lists

  • Discounts with checkout codes

  • Build searchable channels, categories & custom fields

  • Sell entire channels, conferences or individual videos

  • Sell webcast sponsorship for your events

  • Package up for an entire organization

Learn proven video strategies used by our customers

Video Channel Features

  • Corporate branded ‘Ted-Talks’ style video channel dedicated to your members
  • Free, subscriber, secure and paid video types
  • Integrate seamlessly with popular Association Management Systems & CRMs
  • Restrict access to different groups and member types
  • Support Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML 2.0 & REST API
  • Engage viewers with Interactivity features – Chat, Commenting, Q&A, Polls
  • Support personlization through other video recommendations
  • Allow users to create their own playlists
  • Flexible pricing packages for single videos, channels or member groups
  • Live stream your events, conferences, webinars and meetings with webcastcloud Events Team


Integrate with popular Association Management Software

Video Hosting Features

Video Paywall

Sell your video assets
Increase exposure and sales potential through searchable channels
Sell videos, packages or subscriptions
Define pricing based on member type
Integrate with all popular payment gateway providers
Post sales data back to your CRM or Member Management Software

Branded Video Channel

Build and engage your community
Customize to your brand & identity
Simplify access for members through Single Sign-On (SSO)
Integrate seamlessly with popular Association Management Software and CRM platform
Define access to videos or channel through member types in your AMS/CRM or custom delegate lists

Video Hosting

Upload your videos
Instantly engage your community
Report on your viewers
Advanced Search with tags, categories, speech-to-text, optical character recognition
Support for dual delivery of video and slides
HTML5 Playback to Desktop & Mobiles

Stream your Conference, Events & Webinars

With webcastcloud Events Team you can simplify event capture
Live stream your conference, event or webinar
Host your webinars on-demand
Upload existing videos
Brand your events with their own channel
Centralize & simplify your entire video library



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