Deliver an exceptional engaging online experience for your next shareholder event

Extend the reach and visibility of your company announcements to investors and analysts around the globe.

WebcastCloud will automate and simplify your whole experience, whilst deliver the best quality online delivery to your viewers.

Webcast your next:

Financial Results Briefings

Annual General Meeting

Shareholder update

Investor Day

Earnings calls




Let our experienced team take care of your event

Our webcast platform is market leading, and will ensure that the capture of your webcast is simple and flexible, whilst delivering the highest quality experience at a cost-effective price point.

WebcastCloud will simplify the whole webcast experience for your team.  There is no need to provide us with your PowerPoint slides days before the event.  We capture everything as it’s presented.

As soon as your event has finished, we can edit your recording and upload immediately for on-demand viewing within minutes of event completion (not hours or days).


  • Live and on-demand audio or video

  • Synchronised PowerPoints or other data – captured on the fly

  • Customised layout, corporate branding

  • Questions & Answers – live and on-demand

  • Polls

  • Viewing available on all devices: PC, Mac, iPads/iPods, Blackberry, Android

  • Slides and other material available to download

  • On-site webcast manager

  • Managed teleconference

  • RSS subscription to new webcasts and podcasts

  • Access to live and on-demand reports

  • Enhanced slide search – optical character recognition

  • Customisable Catalogue of all your IR webcasts

  • Transcriptions services – speech to text (optional)

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