Live webcast or record your meetings, and make them accessible and searchable for your online viewers

Webcasting of council meetings allows your local council to ensure openness and transparency to the public, and allow ease of access to decisions that are made in your area.

Allow your audience to watch live in real-time via their desktop or mobile device, or watch an archived on-demand version of the meeting online within minutes of the meetings completion.

By a click of a button, or automated to start at a scheduled time, you can broadcast live to your online audience via your own dedicated and branded video website, making it as simple as possible for non-technical personnel to oversee.


  • The opportunity to improve transparency and public involvement in council processes

  • Greatly improve the relationship between the council and its community

  • Allows those that want to observe the decision-making process attend via the online webcast, regardless of meeting time or location

  • Immediate upload of on-demand recordings to allow viewers who missed daily proceeding to watch instantly

  • The ability to support an inclusive audience with live and on-demand closed captions

  • Provide the opportunity for your community to engage with its councillors and vice versa

  • The opportunity to continue conversations throughout your community by creating video content libraries for events, training, future planning, etc.


Our dedicated Live Mediasite™ Recorder is installed in your Council Chamber and easily integrated with your audio visual.

The Recorder will automatically capture your speakers’ audio, video feeds and any presentation data or slides, and instantly publish to our cloud servers for your viewers to watch live or on-demand.

Multiple Recorder models are available to suit your meeting room and any existing audio visual requirements. Our live streams support for up to 4 (four) individual video streams with users able to select which camera feed they wish to view, providing the highest quality online experience.



Your viewers can watch or participate via a responsive HTML5 streaming player, which means that they can view from any device without needing to download any 3rd party media plug-ins (i.e. flash).

Live Questions & Answers (Q&A) or Polling can be enabled for specific webcasts when desired, with moderation features available for Q&A.

Webcasts can be embedded or shared within your own website, or we can integrate and customize your own dedicated and branded video channel to host your library of videos.

Viewers can search through your video channel to find recordings based on key-words, spoken words and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) search.

User experience can be enhanced through up to 200% video and slide enlargement.

Live stream your meetings with the market leading webcast platform

Speak with our team about how you can achieve the highest quality, most responsive and engaging online experience for your viewers, with the least amount of technical skill and effort

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Why use WebcastCloud to support your Council?

We simplify the way you can deliver your Council Meetings, whilst ensuring your online viewers have a high quality experience from their computer or handheld device.

  • Live Broadcast with your own dedicated on-premise streaming appliance.

  • On-Demand viewing is available within minutes, not days or hours after your meeting finishes.

  • Use our online web-editor to clean up or cut out any video content. Even non-technical users can complete editing in minutes.

  • Securely broadcast private meetings to your office locations with on-premise servers or our secure cloud services and restrict access to only staff.

  • Mobile Playback – support a wide variety of handheld devices to provide ease of access to your viewers at home.

  • Advanced Analytics from your live and on-demand webcasts, including registrations, time watched, and heat graphs to dive into the key interest points of your presentation.

  • WebcastCloud Hosting – allows you to upload, edit, secure and manage all your own video assets through your central video admin portal. No need to engage external production or streaming companies each and every time. Deliver your messages in a simple, cost-effective and timely manner.

  • Dedicated Helpdesk Team and Customer Portal to assist with the day-to-day operations of your webcasts.

  • Build a central library of videos for your organisation by generating your own dedicated Enterprise “You-Tube” Video Channel.

  • Host and distribute other video files from 3rd party platforms such as Video Conference Recordings, GooMeeting records, and other video media files.