Mediasite Cloud Australia

Australian Based Mediasite Hosting Services

Our Mediasite Cloud Hosting Services gives you a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to webcast using the market-leading Mediasite® by SonicFoundry platform, without the infrastructure hassles or costs.

Easily share your rich media webcasts online – whether Live or OnDemand – without investing in network hardware, bandwidth and personnel.

Whether you host all of your Mediasite content, use WebcastCloud as needed for important events or choose a hybrid approach, our data centers and expert team are here to ensure your success.

WebcastCloud offers an Australian based, highly-scalable & redunant Mediasite environment, which can be switched on for you immediately. With an unlimited number of administrative users, you can login online and simply manage your own ‘Media-sites’.


Simplify your video start-up…

Mediasite Cloud delivers high quality content for any user, anywhere with customizable streaming configurations to meet even the most demanding bandwidth constraints.

Our Asia-Pacfic clients trust our Mediasite Cloud hosting services to provide a secure, fault tolerant environment for their valuable content.  Built for high availability, we offers peace of mind with:
• Load balanced servers , redundant firewall and communication services, multiple independent internet connections
• 24×7 data center monitoring
• Multiple Content Delivery Networks to support large live and on-demand viewers
• Disaster recovery
• Environmental controls and power failure protection
• Disaster recovery

Minimise IT challenges and avoid expensive hardware, datacentre and bandwidth investment

Deliver video your way


  • My Mediasite for user-generated content
  • Mediasite Mobile Upload for iPhone or iPad
  • Mediasite RL Recorders for room-based capture
  • Mediasite ML Recorders for event capture
  • Any other video capture device or tool

Publish to Cloud

  • Secure home for all recorded and uploaded content
  • Auto-indexing for Mediasite TotalSearch
  • Transformation into interactive, searchable video

Stream Interactive Experiences

  • Branding, polls, ask a question, bookmarks, sharing, closed captions and more
  • Live and on-demand for any screen
  • Optimized for all devices, including mobiles


  • Advanced analytics to monitor viewing activity
  • Directory-based content security
  • Editing
  • Content approval workflows