Mediasite Player

The Mediasite Player is delivering today’s richest online webcast experience

The Mediasite® Player gives students, employees and stakeholders the most engaging and flexible online experience to watch lectures and webcasts – unconstrained by viewing device or traditional webcast layouts.
Watching a live or archived Mediasite presentation is virtually the same as being in the room with the presenter, but with greater playback control and time-saving conveniences to enhance learning and improve retention. And with playback on all popular mobile devices, your learners have instant access to valuable content anywhere.


Deliver video your way

User controlled layout

Everyone has their own learning style. Mediasite understands these preferences and puts you in control. Choose the layout that focuses on the most important content and helps you learn best.

Flexible Navigation

Thumbnail navigation and adjustable playback speed let you efficiently move around inside Mediasite presentations, making the most of your viewing time. If you need to leave a presentation, Mediasite remembers where you stopped and restarts at that point when you return.

Powerful Search

Mediasite automatically indexes all slide text, audio transcripts and presentation metadata, making entire content libraries searchable and saving you immeasurable time. Easily pinpoint key words anywhere in a Mediasite presentation or Catalogue, and automatically play from wherever your search terms are found.


Ask a question of the presenter, respond to polls and see poll results during any live or on-demand presentation. Or, share a presentation link that includes a time-stamped bookmark and comments with other authorized viewers.

Crystal Clear Images

High-resolution slides (up to 1920×1080) are the hallmark of recorded Mediasite presentations, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable information captured from any laptop, tablet, document camera, whiteboard or visualizer. Plus, Mediasite’s zoom magnifies any part of a slide to its full resolution.

Custom Branding & Links

Highlight your brand by customizing your Mediasite Player banners and graphics, and include links to access related materials, web pages or other Mediasite presentations.

WCAG 2.0 Compliant

Accessibility Support for visually impaired viewers and Closed Captioning for hearing impaired viewers.

Embeddable Player

Context-based viewing lets your viewers watch presentations within the environment most relevant and useful to them. Easily embed any Mediasite presentation in your course or learning management systems, training portals, event websites or blogs.