The valuable information presented at your event deserves a lifespan longer than a few days.

Continue your conversation after your event, whilst ensuring your audience has the highest-quality and engaging online experience.

Why webcastcloud to stream your event

webcastcloud has over a decade of experience delivery live hybrid events for organizations and viewers all over the world.  We provide event webcasting services for conferences, meetings and gatherings of all sizes – including the ability to orchestrate large online events or manage thousands of hours of on-demand content for education, training and marketing.

We dont just capture your event.  We provide the online video hosting and work with you to deliver flexible and proven strategies to make your content work for you. Through viewership, branding, reach, engagement or revenue.

We live stream your speakers and their content or simply record your sessions for viewing on-demand, with the ability to deliver all your content through your own branded and searchable video channel.

Online Streaming Experience

Deliver the best online experience across all desktop and mobile devices

HTML5 Streaming – no need for your viewers to download any plug-in’s.

Responsive Players that will give the best quality viewing experience across all devices

Adaptive bit-rate streaming to ensure the highest video quality for each individual viewer

Interactivity to engage your audience through Live Q&A, Polling, Post-event surveys and chat.

Accessible with support for hearing & speech-impaired viewers with Live or On-Demand closed-captions, screen readers, OCR search.

Extensive Branding & Advertising to maintain your corporate identity and build brand equity.

Searchable ‘netflix-style’ Video Channel to build your brand, identity, viewership, member engagement and revenue.


  • I can not tell you how fantastic you and your team have been over the last week.

    The webcastcloud team were brilliant and everything went better than planned. I’ve received great feedback from everyone – including the Deputy Premier’s office.

    –NSW Department of Industry

Simplified Event Video Capture

Immediate turnaround of your videos for speed to market

No need to stress about getting all your speaker slides to us weeks before your event.  We record all your content as it is being presented.
Slides are time-stamped automatically with your speakers video, and captured in native resolution images, so your viewers get high definition images without needing a high internet speed for video. 
On-Demand any viewer can search for key words within slides, or spoken words when supporting closed captions or speech-to-text.

Flexible & Experienced Event Production

We’re flexible to work with you

webcastcloud Events Team can be incorporated into your event in a variety of different ways.  Not one size fits all.
We can deliver all your audio visual & production requirements needed for your onsite and online event.  Or we can simply work with your existing audio visual provide and manage the filming or streaming.
Our technology allows us to be flexible in how we capture or stream your event, where we can offer a variety of production options to suit all event sizes and budgets.
Our experienced team can alleviate the stress of managing your event filming and production.  You simply schedule your venue and speakers, and our team can take care of the rest.

Who we work with

Monetize your videos with pay-per-view

With webcastcloud Pay-Per-View you can increase event revenue through selling your videos, event packages or subscriptions online with our video paywall

Stream your next event with webcastcloud


Mobile Streaming

Stream to any user on any device. Mediasite intelligently detects each user’s device and available bandwidth for optimized playback every time.


Audience Engagement

webcastcloud noticeably enhances engagement, learning and retention with the highest quality video plus slide content, polls, ask-a-question, resource links and powerful in-video search.



Custom Branding and Layouts to suit our webcast to suit your corporate branding and event delivery.

webcastcloud MultiView_MultipleSources

Multiple Presentation Sources

With unique MultiView technology, it’s easy to transform complex concepts or live events into engaging online video, with recording and streaming up to four HD content sources simultaneously.

webcastcloud datacentre


webcastcloud’s Australian Based, highly-scalable & redundant infrastructure, ensures your event can be deliver efficiently to thousands of online viewers.


Accessible and Complies

Accessibility Support for visually impaired viewers and Closed Captioning for hearing impaired viewers.